My best contact is email, if leaving a voice mail DO NOT forget to leave a number to call you on.

Student discount with valid student ID card please mention when booking.

1 hour Singles £70.00
1.5 hours (most common booking) Singles £90.00
2 hours (maximum fee) Singles & Couples £120.00
Plus hotel parking costs where applicable

Contact Me 

Massage is not my full time work it is part time work. I cannot always answer a call as I may be busy or there may be people around that I would prefer didn't hear our conversation.

Also, my phone is not always switched on, if you call me from a blocked number I cannot text back or reply, please leave a message.

Discretion is important for everyone, if I have a mobile number I will always text first to let you know I can take a call and let you call me back, I won't call you unless you have asked me to.

Alternatively email me.


Availability, I am usually available Monday to Friday daytimes only from 9.30 am to 6.00 pm latest start time for a 90 minute massage is 4.30 pm (finish by 6.00), I can no longer offer evenings or weekends sorry!

I have the use of a room Tuesdays only 1 time slot start 10.30 - 11.00 am Near Aylesbury 90 minutes only booking, optional 4 handed massage for an additional £30.00. Booked appointments only.

Please Click here to email, call or text, the more notice given the better our chances of meeting. For the sake of discretion, if you have left a message, I will text you before calling and ask you to call me back unless you have requested an immediate call back, please remember I may not be free when you call, my phone is switched off during appointments and on weekends.

Where possible advance bookings are best, usual hours are earliest start 10 am latest circa 8 pm.

Visit Me

I have been offered the use of a room in Aylesbury on Tuesdays only earliest start 10.30 am latest start a1.00 am, 90 minute pre booked appointments only please contact me for further details. Please note booking is essential!

My circumstances have changed and I cannot accommodate at home I only visit you at your home or hotel, or Aylesbury option above I recommend for reasonable prices and early access to hotels. Please see Hotel section on my Areas Covered page and below for dates.

If you want to book a hotel remember many hotels are flexible and will offer a daytime hire from approx. 10 am-5 pm example IBIS Beaconsfield services are circa £45.00, but please do not book anything until we have spoken and I can confirm if I am available.  

Four Handed, Groups or just another

I will post here dates I will book a hotel but due to costs my preference is to offer 2 hour slots for 2 people at a time to share, if you are interested email me and confirm the following: Your Sex, Your Age, the sex you are happy to join you M, F or either and preferred start time.

To be clear we would have 2 hours, me plus 2 people (you and 1 other) the charge would be £120.00 per person, You will be massaged by me and the other person and you will be asked to help massage the other person. This is a shared experience I am the only person not being massaged.

I will cover the hotel costs. Hotels rarely have enough room for a massage table so we may have to be satisfied using the bed.

Please see possible dates below if you may be interested email me with possible areas you can get to from Heathrow, Hemel Hempstead or High Wycombe

considering booking hotel Wednesday 13th
considering booking hotel Wednesday 4th
considering booking hotel Friday 29th
call and check 

call and check
call and check
call and check call and check
call and check 
call and check

Setting up takes circa 10-15 mins

Visit your Hotel or Home - are you aware many hotels offer daytime rates hours vary call your local hotel and ask or visit (click to be taken there).

Usually Wednesday & Thursday 9.00 - 18.00 latest start 16.30

These are my preferred hours, it is rare that I can do anything outside of these hours but feel free to ask

Click here to email me