About Me

I am a 58 year old male with over 10 years experience of massaging both men and women but do not have formal qualifications. Personally I think many years of experience is as good as any paid for course, although others might disagree. I design websites and also offer training courses for those interested in setting up a full or part time business in naturist massage.

I am 6ft 1 inches (185cm) tall and weigh approx. 15.5 stone (97kg); therefore I would describe myself as average to larger build, nearer a rugby player.

If you are looking for a gym fit 6 pack as much as I wish I had one I haven't, sorry I am not your man, equally although a similar age to George Clooney a double I am not, I have got a bit of a belly.

Also if you are looking for a sports massage or similar designed to rectify injuries I am NOT the person to help, I am not qualified - sorry.

If you would like me to wear your wifes' knickers and makeup, forget it. I can assure you that I am very open minded but some things are out of bounds for me and I am simply not interested.

I have an easy going, laid back attitude and have been on the receiving end of both good and bad massages before, I believe that my techniques and strokes are relaxing, soothing and enjoyable. My repeat customers obviously like my style.

My clients are from all walks of life, men, women and couples. The only thing I insist on is cleanliness, most clients shower before the massage begins which is appreciated.

Communication is the key, I am not a mind reader please feel free to let me know your likes and dislikes – you may hate your feet being touched, you may love your shoulders or nipples being massaged, both men and women seem to love the inner thighs being massaged; also you may prefer minimal talking (I recommend it)!

I live on the borders of West London and can get to many places reasonably easily such as Heathrow, Slough, Uxbridge, Watford, Hemel Hempstead, Dunstable, Tring, Uxbridge, High Wycombe, Aylesbury & parts of Oxfordshire or near those areas. Milton Keynes, Luton I do not charge a travelling fee but may require the booking to be for 1.5 hours or more. Let me know where you are and ask.

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M/F Couples - please read Boundaries on the home page

T & F - "Fabulous, P visited our flat and set up,in the lounge. T (my wife) had the massage while I watched telling me halfway through that I was over dressed and to get naked. I helped with the massage and know we both enjoyed being naked with a 3rd (P), I consider myself straight but seeing his hard cock turned me on. After he left we had a great time back in bed".

G & G - "Nervous and excited but thought we're grown ups lets just enjoy it, we booked 2 hours and the time flew, P took turns to massage each of us what a sexy time" 

P & E - "We have kept looking at P's website for a while and just decided you know what lets do it. Spoke on the phone first agreed time and date and it was just brilliant - loved it"

S & S - "We were worried about our body shapes as we are  both overweight - thanks for not making it a problem. S (male) has had some issues and struggled with climaxing for a while. After watching and helping with S (female) massage it was his turn, a great 2 hours -thank you a great time for us"

J & S - "We have thought about this for a long time and what a pleasure it was, liberating and definitely exciting. To have my husband watch me have a massage and then to watch him be massaged naked by a guy and get hard was beyond our expectations, this was something naughty and very nice. Thank you!"

T & R - "We felt it would be best if we tried this at a hotel, P had a room booked and 2 hours was not long enough, fortunately P didn't have a problem with us staying longer for extra fun. Next time we will start earlier in the afternoon"

G&J - "Thank you - tried something others only dream about and no regrets, our little secret, pushed our boundaries and fun, I am not sure who enjoyed it most my husband or me."

R & S - "What a turn on, one of the best things we have done to put some spark back into our life, highly recommend it"

R - "A birthday treat from my husband to me, I might just book the same treat for him in November as I know how much he liked this one"

D & D - "We have been together for over 25 years, love & know each other and trust each other, we thought this may be a chance to try a fantasy - met P at our house one evening and had a great time, thats one off of our bucket list and will probably do it again, thanks "

S&F - " Well that was different, I knew my husband had a bi side and wanted to be there when he tried. P massaged him, he was so turned on, I watched naked, we went further than we expected and have no regrets .... now we know so much more"

"G&N" - "Loved this one, watched my wife get turned on knowing I was watching her respond to another man, swapped and she told me to experiment and told me what she wanted to see me try, what an experience! Thank you" 

"D&L" - "D (wife) we booked a hotel and my husband went down the road for a drink leaving me to be massaged on my own and tell him all about it. I was nervous but P soon relaxed me, I enjoyed the massage immensely and know L loved hearing about it all".

Men Only - please read Boundaries on the home page

P - "I have had massages before from women and thought I'd try this, a great experience"

F - "A lady friend recommended I try a MM massage as she thought I may be gay, no harm done and a nice time" 

C - "I have been unsure if I might be gay for a long time and wanted to try this,  booked an unhurried 90 minutes I am much clearer now and think I am bi but not gay.

R - "Thank you for today, my expectations were fulfilled 10 out of 10" 

R - "I am 62 and divorced, I tried things when I was younger but parked them and got married and decided I wanted to try again. I loved it and will book again". 

J - "Aged 36 away from home for 2 nights, I have never done anything like this before, I love women but wanted to see what it was like, it was great better than I could have hoped for"

D - "20 home from Uni, been tempted to try for ages and found this as the perfect anonymous opportunity, of course I was as nervous as but I found the courage to do it - all you need to know is P made it a relaxing non pressured very enjoyable time"

E - "I have wanted to try this experience for a long time but always been out off by the costs, I cant accommodate so had to arrange a daytime hotel. Talking to a  pal about the cost of golfing or a day at the football and I thought both are expensive hobbies his reply was "How much do you value yourself at? I spend my money on things I enjoy" So not golf but I splashed out its not as if its a weekly treat  and loved it, it lived up to my fantasies and more. Shame I can't accommodate at home"

T - "I travel a lot, I had seen MM massage on the internet and thought I might try it. Certainly different and much better than a traditional salon massage where I am conscious of becoming unintentionally excited, which I do and I can't help and of the lady thinking that I may be a pervert of some kind. I will definitely book again, cheers for a great time"

A - "I am a 22 year old Asian, straight but curious guy who lives at home with my parents and wanted to try this, I didn't want to go to a bar and am not a good liar for if I get back late and asked where I have been so daytime was good for me. P visited a low cost hotel that I had booked near the M40 and took advantage of the student discount, I was nervous, conscious of being "small" sadly I am not well endowed but plucked up courage. So I kept a towel on me to start it was just fantastic better than I thought and the great thing is only I know about it. I would highly recommend this for any guy who is stuck at home and wants a way to try things without anyone else knowing".

L - "Wow - P visited my hotel, brought his massage bed, I wanted us both naked and as soon as he started I relaxed like never before. I semi dozed off until I was asked to turn over and just enjoyed the whole thing."

I - " Started Uni, curious about my gay / bi side of things, I had never been naked with a guy or massaged by one. Away from home and everyone so I thought why not give this a try? P was brilliant no pressure and made me feel at ease and really looked after me. A 1 hour massage and student discount worked perfectly for me. It was far better than I thought, I still love women but this was as good as my experimentation gets and I will do it again thanks. "

S - "What a nice guy, put me at ease and can only say it a was great time, many thanks you have shown me something different to all night in the bar"

O - "Highly recommend this - none of my mates would guess I would have a MM massage (lol) absolute pampering with only me knowing"

M - "One of the best, made me feel at ease and definitely enjoyed it to the max. nothing was too much trouble"

H- "Studying at uni and I see loads of guys trying things, I live at home with strict parents who would hate the idea of me with a man, but this is something I just had to try. P helped me through lots (at a student rate) so worthwhile, I was worried I would feel guilty but I didn't if anything I felt liberated; just knowing is a weight off my shoulders many thanks"  

A - "I have been a bit curious about spending time with a guy for a while and thought this would be a toe in the water. Away on business so I had the time and the place, I was surprised how much I enjoyed it, no pressure, no expectations if you are tempted or unsure give it a try"

D - "Recently split up, never done anything like this with a guy and was in a hotel on my own, I found it a turn on just getting naked in front of him - I am now a convert it was worth every penny"

C - "I am older and on my own, P visited my house and gave me a massage to remember (sequentem tempore - until next time), thank you"

J - "P visited me and made me realise I can spoil myself more easily than I thought - worth every penny" 

B - "Aged 43 I have been curious for a while and am not sure if this is just a bucket list thing or what, tried it, ticked it off the list and thinking about how I feel about it" 

A - "An itch I had to scratch, anonymously answered many questions for me" 

E - "First timer with a man, I am of mature years and just wanted to try so much. P came to my house and is obviously very experienced with nervous first timers, talked to me relaxed me and just gave me a fabulous time - will be seeing him again"

R - "Just do it!"

Ladies Only - please read Boundaries on the home page

J - "I never ever thought I could do something like this, I plucked up courage and parked my reservations, it was lovely, relaxing, naughty and sexy. I felt so empowered ladies have no doubt this was worth doing"

A - "Separated in my late 20's with young children, I had talked about being single with a friend who suggested this sort of thing. How nervous was I? This is just not the sort of thing I do, P put me at ease on the phone and I decided to meet very soon or I would back out, when we met P was just lovely mature and experienced" Not 1 single regret.

H - "I thought nerves would get the better of me, had P visit my house and found he was very calming. It was lovely and very sexy I am a little surprised at myself but no harm done and  very enjoyable".

V - "Kept looking at this option and finally took the plunge, a different experience and lovely massage. Many thanks"

V - "my second meeting at my house but this time I opted for 4 handed option 2 guys to spoil me, what a great time, P & I thank you"

L - "Widowed but still young at heart with a naughty streak, my husband would have loved it and I suspect he was looking down on me with a smile on his face"

R - "Best thing I have done for me in a long time"

A - "Thank you, thank you, thank you, nice massage and sexy experience" 

T - "Divorced some time ago, I still have kids at home but P visited early one day and gave me an hour  and a half of his time and made me feel special - being naked in front of a stranger felt odd but so very nice, I would recommend this to any lady who is feeling neglected"

R - "Thank you very much - I had a small towel covering my backside to start and within minutes asked for it to be removed, it's hard to describe how nice this was".

I - "My husband travels a lot and I feel lonely a lot of the time. One friend said that she had been on dating sites and I do not want to go that far, I have no idea where I got Nudist Massage from but I am so glad I have and loved it!"

W - "Nothing ventured, nothing gained. Thank you, I wont be doing this very frequently but I WILL being doing it again"

E - "By nature I am a shy person and easily embarrassed but I am single I thought that I am missing out on some private me time, I read an article about naturist massages and realised that if I could find the courage to make a booking and relax enough it might be worth trying. I told P of my worries and shyness, he suggested he leave the room while I undressed and that I start with a towel, I enjoyed every bit of it and cannot recommend it enough. Thank you"

A - "I am sure my husband plays up when he is away for work, so I thought I would have a little fun myself - better than I thought it would be." 

S - "read reviews on here  and thought lets try 4 handed massage, naughty and very nice"

H - "Newly single and thought why not? I am not shy by nature but was nervous, all I can say is, I had a lovely time, "Me time" No regrets thank you"

K - "I had the sensual massage (I can get non sensual anywhere)  You made it non regrettable, so thank you! Actually, I wish I could do it everyday!!"

E - "I was nervous at first but very soon relaxed and went with the flow to an intense orgasm from the naughtiness of it all, put your fears or possible embarrassment to one side and be spoilt. I get turned on just remembering it"

D - "Put this meeting off twice before I went ahead with it and I had a great time - highly recommend this to all ladies" 

O - "Had a works meeting away from home, room available and thought I am 46 not 14, it was lovely" 

T - "2nd time seeing P, less nervous told him what I wanted and was just as pleased with before. It's a shame there is so much stigma around this sort of thing and that I have to keep it quiet when I want to shout it from the rooftops. " 

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