Naturist & Nudist Massage 

Thank you for visiting my site, I hope that from the information I give here any questions that you have will be answered.

Who are you and your clients?

I am a 62 year old male, I have been offering naturist massage for a long time; my clients are men and women and couples (often mature couples) of any nationality, sexuality, age and shape. Sometimes it is someone at home who feels the need to treat themselves to being pampered in the safety of your own environment; many will not have tried a nudist or naturist massage before and this experience will be new to you. Many of my clients are Nervous First Timers, please see below, I can assure you there is nothing to be nervous about.

The majority of my clients have numerous questions, who, what, where , when and how? I have been asked everything I won't be offended talk to me on the phone and ask anything, managing expectations and understanding what is on offer is a very important part of this process. My primary interest is giving you a relaxing time and ensuring that you enjoy your time.

Many clients are away from home staying in a hotel on business, or visiting friends and family - bored with spending spare time in the bar or watching TV. Some are looking for an alternative relaxing, purely self indulgent time, without the time and inconvenience of having to go out; what nicer way is there to start or finish your trip or training course than a naked massage? It happens more often than you may think with both males and females, totally different to the usual humdrum conference.


How many men are curious about being naked with another guy and have never plucked up courage or had the chance to do anything about it? Lots! some think it is a gay massage, why? 2 naked men aroused does not make you gay its called experimentation or curiosity, the last time you have been naked around your own sex was probably in a changing room this is an opportunity to expand on that. I offer massage not conversion therapy. I have seen many guys from age 20'ish to 70+ who have thought about it and  would like an anonymous, safe, discreet experience. Students aged 18+ are welcome and offered a 50% discount see my prices section or make contact with me. My massage is a perfect relaxing introduction and opportunity to experiment. 


Yes women enjoy uninhibited massages! a self indulgent time where you can experiment with some harmless enjoyment on your terms. No pressure, no drunken regrets or walk of shame, an opportunity for you to one sidedly let me know what you think you would enjoy and "go for it". I have given naturist massage to ladies away on business, newly separated ladies, married who's husbands know and some who's husbands don't know and the opportunistic looking for something a little different.  Also, woman who have had strong family or religous constraints have asked me to visit them for what is a unique experience. The key thing is total discretion is assured.


Many couples are just looking for some fun, they feel that they do not have enough time for each other, we live in a busy world, do you feel that you are always rushing around, stressed and exhausted? Perhaps the experience of a naturist couples massage will offer a unique de-stress that neither of you had previously thought of, frequently chosen by couples who have a break from the kids and the time to relax. A couple massage is a minimum 90 minutes and usually 2 hours, either or both partners may be massaged.

Some couples like to share the experience in different ways, partners just watching their partner being massaged naked and sometimes joining in to give a four handed experience. Some guys are bi or bi curious and partners may be happy with this but curious to see how he reacts to another mans touch.  In a couples experience either one or both, subject to time, may receive a separate massage, with both partners remaining in the room. What a great way to spend part of your day or evening before going out. Some couples relationship is such that 1 partner is massaged whilst the other is away from the room but wants to know all about it later

Who is naked and why?

Simply put either you or me or both of us, usually it is both of us; it is entirely your preference as to who is clothed if at all. Alternatively, perhaps you are a first timer, if you don’t want either to be naked you may start the massage in a traditional way with me in massage clothes or boxer shorts and you in underwear; if you feel relaxed enough to progress to a naturist scenario  you may; of course you may decide naturist is not for you and remain clothed. It’s your massage you say what you would like.

What are the benefits of a Naturist Massage?

The benefits are often different for individuals, many naturists choose the lifestyle as they have more feeling of freedom and fewer inhibitions, to progress this to a relaxing massage from a stranger can be very satisfying.

Many clients find that without clothes it's more comfortable, there is no need to worry about oils etc getting on underwear. Certainly a naked naturist experience is more relaxing and more sensual than clothed. Some clients liken the feeling of nakedness to the difference between sleeping with or without nightclothes.

The majority though, enjoy is as it can be very sexy and arousing. 

A percentage still like the use of a small towel throughout for modesty purposes, covering the buttocks region. This is easily managed to access areas for massage, others prefer no use of towels at all; the choice is yours. Remember you may choose to start with an option but if you feel it isn’t right for you you may change. If you would like further information just ask.

I am happy to remain clothed or be naked (the majority of clients prefer that I am nude) if I am naked I am less restricted and do not have to consider clothing rubbing on your body, although obviously if I am naked there will be times when my body touches yours. You must be comfortable with this possibility I simply ask when you book you are clear about your preferences.

Nervous First Timers

Many clients are nervous first timers, it is entirely normal for people to be curious about "new experiences" just not everyone has the courage to try. I will do my best to help you relax, I never meet without a phone call first to discuss "your" massage, any concerns etc. There is nothing to be afraid of you are not going to come to any harm and the majority love the freedom, experimentation and naughtiness of doing something only you will know about. It's much easier than going to a pub, club or bar, less pressure and will be your little secret.

The majority of my first timers are guys of all ages, I have met with a number of younger guys including " Uni freshers, first time away from home " going up to 60+ who want to see what its like being naked with another guy. Next without doubt are curious couples, split between guys wanting to see their partner have a naturist massage and aroused and ladies wanting to see their mans reaction and sometimes his bi curious side explored.

I also have ladies, sometimes partnered and sometimes newly single ladies that do not want the pressure of a new relationship and dating but want some sensual fun without commitment. I have met women whos partner/husband knows that they are having a sensual massage and those that have not told thier partner, I can promise you I offer a fully discrete service. Look up Yoni massage for women.

Many first timers live at home and have religious or family constraints, a  mens naturist massage won't make a guy gay and it will not make a woman "easy" but will answer many questions for you. Who doesn't want a pleasurable naughty experience? Newly separated men and women with freedom that they haven't had before wanting to try new things, be a little pampered and have some self indulgent time without pressure. Obviously there are first timer couples as well, couples wanting to experiment, expand their horizons and have their own naughty secret. How many times have people said to me that they only have one life and would like to try many things, this being one of them? Plenty!

Four Handed, Groups or just another

I have been asked many times if I have others that would like to meet for a 3 some (or "moresome") experience and have done that in the past, this is a shared experience where you will be massaged and you will help massaging. Usually the main difficulty is a common location and time convenient to everyone.

If this is of interest to you send an email remember, usually, the only times I can do are weekday daytimes start circa 10 am - 3.30 pm, multiple people will need a minimum 2 hour meeting maybe more. You may then enjoy & help with a four handed time, email now with possible options on days/dates.

What if I get aroused?

This is a common result of a good massage in both men and women and does not present embarrassment or a problem for me. Erections in men are a natural bodily event, yes men get hard from a massage; who cares if you get one, the purpose of a massage is to relax and enjoy the experience.

Woman show excitement in different ways, many get incredibly turned on and wet; some will climax but not always, do not put yourself under the "pressure" of thinking you have to climax, the main objective should be to relax and enjoy the whole thing.

For both men and women this experience will either end up being better than you expected or at worst just a nice massage.


It is important for me to know what your boundaries are; I can then understand what restrictions you have. Different therapists and clients have differing views and expectations for this reason it is best that I clarify my understanding.

Many massages cause arousal from you being stimulated by touch from a stranger in a relaxing environment, men get erections and women get turned on that's a natural reaction I believe that you are paying for my time and you should enjoy the whole thing. I am often asked if clients may touch me, my view is in a naturist environment it is a common occurrence and not a problem, I am very open minded.

Some wish simply to enjoy the relaxation and pampering, often an experience where they relax so completely that they will almost doze off to sleep.

I will ask that you let me know what you prefer, I offer two choices of massage Sensual and Non Sensual.

The first is very NON SENSUAL which still has either or both of us naked but makes every effort to NOT INCLUDE contact with the genitals, nonetheless client arousal may still inadvertently happen, it is a comprehensive body massage with every effort made to avoid contact of sensitive areas.

Alternatively, you may choose a SENSUAL less restricted massage, I am often asked about Lingam & Prostrate massage for men and Yoni massage for ladies. I feel that a one hour massage is a rush, sensual massages may be given in one hour but for best results I would recommend a minimum 1.5 hour session. As one lady said to me recently, "I can get a non sensual massage anywhere, definitely sensual for me please"

I would like to make one thing clear, many clients looking for a sensual massage and many therapists are NOT interested in the massage and really only looking for the sensual experience. I always start with a massage which is focused on relaxing you before progressing to other things that you enjoy, if you are simply looking for a 15/20/30 minute meet there are plenty of other people offering that service but sorry that is not what I offer.

Ladies for many this will be a role reversal, previously you have probably thought about making your partner happy and less about you. This experience is all about what you like and you enjoying yourself; decide what you want let me know and I will do my very best to help you. Please remember it's your massage and revolves around you!

Men - this is very different to a spa treatment with a lady therapist, with me you can completely relax, there is no need to worry about an erection. Some haven't had M2M touch at all and some will have had fumblings with mates many years ago, others who haven't had experience before are curious to see another penis and touch it. Some have read about prostrate massage and are interested in trying that; as I say to everyone it's your massage decide what you want before booking.

Couples - I can't tell you how often I am asked what happens in a couples massage. It is mainly up to the two of you I have been asked for most permutations. You should consider, is it for the man to get voyeuristic enjoyment from seeing his partner being attended to or for the partner to know he's looking? or vice versa? Ask yourselves how will the partner react to seeing their other half naked, massaged and aroused by me? What if they wish to touch me or ask for more, what if they really enjoy it how will you react? Ask yourself how you will react if it arouses the, previously unseen, male "bi" side, after all he is likely to get an erection - will that be fun, embarrassing or cause jealousy and a problem? 

Many guys are "bi-curious" but would never admit it to anyone, however if the meeting takes a permission led role for example the lady sees her man getting aroused and says something like "I thought you'd enjoy this .......", "I'd love to watch you .......", or "I'd love to see if you enjoy" ......, or "Why don't you try .....?"  if he is tempted it is easier for him to agree. 

Please talk about the above before calling me and booking. Remember its your massage let me know your boundaries; you will need to let me know what you want from the massage and decide who (if anyone) is to take the lead the lady, her partner, me or just see how it goes.

Tantric massage - I do not offer this as in my opinion it cannot be acheived in 90 minutes, it is, in truth, spiritually based and I believe really only suitable for partners who have an established connection with each other, it can last many hours. Many "therapists" offer a similar service to me and call it Tantric, I do not think that is a fair or honest description. However, if you have the time to and wish to spend longer than my 2 hour booking for a more intense experience I am happy to talk about this with you, the longest booking that I have done to date was 4 hours.

For the majority who are less spiritual and looking more for fun and sensual enjoyment Yoni and G-Spot massage are available.


I mainly attend clients home or hotel and that is my preference, I sometimes accommodate in a private secluded office but there are no shower facilities and the toilets are a 30 second walk out of the office used by multiple site occupants so it is not ideal.

Hotel Visits

Clients new to the experience sometimes wonder how practical and discrete it is to have a visitor to their room. Larger hotels are not likely to notice or care (a small family B & B or pub might), but if you feel the need to explain to anyone you may say that a work colleague is dropping in, or perhaps you are having a chiropractor  come to look at a bad back. Where parking charges apply I will ask you to let reception know that you have a visitor and need a parking permit please, where parking is chargeable I will ask you to cover my costs.

I have a massage table, if your room is large enough to put it up it makes the massage easier for me, if the room is too small we can use the bed. It is very rare that the massage table will fit in a hotel room. Also, I advise turning the heating up, a warm room makes a big difference to relaxation. Remember I would like you to relax and enjoy the experience. Many hotels will offer a daytime hire from 10 am-5 pm or hours that you request example IBIS Beaconsfield services charge circa £45.00. See also

Pre-meet Phone Call

Please note for everyones benefit I insist on a brief phone call before agreeing to meet, my reason for this is I can find out a little bit more about you, previous experience if you have any and what you would like from the meeting. You can ask me anything I won't be shocked, some people may worry about a phone call but let's be honest if you cannot pick the phone up you are unlikely to want be naked in front of a stranger, also you need to know what to expect from me. I am not always free to talk please text or email me first to see if I can talk.